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Roller Shutters

The perfect window protection for every home and every season

Adelaide is no stranger to wild weather,  our summers are scorching and our winters are windy, rainy and cold. Combat the weather and save on your energy bills – insulate your home by installing Fair Price Roller Shutters. Manufactured right here in South Australia, they are made to suit our climate. 

Roller Shutters block the summer heat entering through your windows and reduce heat loss during winter. This ultimately helps you save on the cost of heating and cooling your home all year-round.

Other great benefits of Roller Shutters:

  • When left open, UV rays are always entering through our windows, which will eventually damage most furnishings and carpets. Fair Price Roller Shutters block the UV rays, protecting what is inside. Plus, they can easily be adjusted to any height allowing in the desired amount of light you require.
  • Broken windows are a thing of the past, especially for families with children that enjoy the thrill of playing outdoors.
  • Added security for your home. It’s easy to break through a window, but a roller shutter keeps your home locked down, whether while you are at work or on holiday, so you can relax and enjoy your time away from home knowing it is safe from break-ins.
  • Fair Price Roller Shutters will also assist in the protection from Bushfires for those in prone areas.
  • Not only ideal for the home but roller shutters add additional security and insulation to your business.

Roller Shutters protect your home from weather, heat and intruders. Speak to Fair Price today and ask about these additional features:

  • Fair Price offers a range of 12 architectural colours that will complement any colour scheme you desire.
  • All Roller Shutters come with a 10-year warranty on components and a 5-year warranty on Motors.