Perfect for large outdoor spaces, easy to use

Operating big window and pergola blinds has been a difficult task for many people.

The Ziptrak® guide system has no ropes, no zips, no straps and no buckles. It’s unique slotted side tracks, between which the blind glides smoothly and easily up and down and stops where you want it, sets the Ziptrak® blinds system apart from any other.

Conventional spring loaded blinds have to be pulled down and held down against the tension of the springs while the operator struggles to do up the buckles or leather straps. This is time consuming, cumbersome and that’s why Ziptrak® was developed.

For quality Ziptrak® blinds in Adelaide look no further than Fair Price Blinds.

Ziptrak® Blinds

Ziptrak® – Vertical screening blinds are ideal for outdoor restaurants, patios, verandas, corporate signage.

  • Ziptrak® blinds come in a wide choice of fabrics including popular clear and tinted PVC, and various shade mesh solutions.
  • Ziptrak® blinds provide shelter from the elements, provide UV protection and will complement any outdoor entertaining area.
  • Ziptrak® blinds are a stylish alternative to zippered edge Café style blinds and their unique system is designed and manufactured in South Australia in a state of the art facility using the most up to date techniques.
  • The Ziptrak® blind system is like no other, designed for ease of use.
  • Ziptrak® Blinds are an ideal choice for the climate in Adelaide.

The motorised Ziptrak® blind leading to the alfresco area is an absolute wow factor! Thanks a million to your client focused team. A great product at a very fair price.

MARCH 2015