Blinds that look fabulous all year round

Timber Venetian Blinds Fair Price Blinds

Fair Price Timber Venetian Blinds combine the versatility and light control of a Venetian Blind with the richness of real timber. From casual to the most formal surroundings, nothing provides warmth to an area like timber. Not only do Fair Price Timber Venetian Blinds look fabulous they are an all year round insulator.

Timber Venetian Blinds come in the following ranges:

  • Lacquered Western Red Cedar
  • Oiled Western Red Cedar
  • Basswood

Most recently Fair Price Blinds have added the very popular man made P.V.C Venetian, most popular for areas where water, steam or other foreign liquids may come in to contact.
For those who worry about the cleaning capabilities of Timber Venetians it is quite simple; Dust can be brushed off at regular intervals using a clean, soft dust cloth or with a vacuum cleaner and soft brush. Washing is not recommended as excessive dampness may cause warpage and discolouration to the slat.

Why we love timber venetians…

Timber Venetian Blinds allow you to control light with the richness of real timber. Other benefits include:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in a range of colours and materials.
  • Create a comfortable and relaxed environment
  • Come in a range of colours, to suit the style of your home
  • Timber provides real warmth to a home and is timeless in its stylish appearance