Maintain view during the day, provide privacy and can save on energy.

Are you trying to achieve all the benefits of solar film but would rather not have a permanent fitted film? Sola Seal offer an alternative. Sola Seal’s solar reflective blinds are made from a dark tinted film that can be rolled up when required. Ideal in situations where you are faced with blinding light and extreme heat in summer and want to allow light and heat in during Winter.

Fair Price’s Sunscreen Roller Blinds are used in various locations, including beach front houses, shop fronts and petrol stations where daytime solar heat runs the risk of melting confectionery in close proximity to windows. At night, where clear vision is required, the blinds are simply rolled up.

The Sun:

The Sun is continually bombarding our World with broad spectrum solar radiation. Most of this Radiation is absorbed traveling through the atmosphere. The radiation received on Earth ranges from low-frequency invisible ultra violet light, to light and infra red (heat), through to high-frequency radio and X-ray waves.

Windows and Glass Doors are a major source of heat gain, causing hot, uncomfortable living and working conditions, over-loading air-conditioning systems and increasing running and maintenance costs.

There are 3 main contributing factors to solar heat on your windows; there is a percentage of heat that will be reflected by the window (much greater amount with suitable film installed), there is the heat that will be absorbed by the window (with equal amount of heat emitted inside and out) and there is the heat that will pass through the window (Transmittance), which will cause the largest amount of internal heat.

In bright sunlight, the heat on glass is intense, for example – every 5.5 square meters of glass will admit 640 watts per square metre, of heat per hour. This is the equivalent of 1hp of air-conditioning.

What causes things to fade?

Causes of fading

Sola Seal believes in the benefits of energy conservation through application of solar control film. There are now many industry bodies looking at building efficiency and how this can be measured, that’s where WERS and NABER’S come in to the picture.

Green Star Energy & National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS):

Green star is a comprehensive, national, voluntary rating scheme that evaluates the environmental design and achievements of buildings along with NABERS. Buildings can be rated and benchmarked against other properties to see how it measures up. Measured in a star rating system, it accounts for such categories as energy consumption and emissions, both related to the use and benefits of window film.

WERS: (Window Energy Rating Scheme)

As a guide to making buildings more comfortable with energy efficient windows, the Australasian Window Council Inc. has introduced a unique window energy rating scheme.

The WERS accurately shows the consumers the relative energy performance of different types of windows, helping them make an informed choice. WERS is a program implemented and endorsed by the Australasian Window Council. The development of the WERS for windows has now been extended to cover the additional energy control benefits of window film. Computer modeling has determined the additional energy benefits given to a standard aluminium framed window by the extensive range of Sola Seal Window films. For the higher rated films, 5 stars are not unusual.

Electromagnetic Radition (EMR)

Mobile phone tower transmissions emit what’s called electromagnetic radiation. There is much debate about the long term biological effects of EMR.

According to EMR Australia their investigative report by researchers around the globe on Mobile phone towers concluded:

There is evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, that this radiation exposure results in negative impacts on people. Some individuals are more sensitive to this radiation than others”.

If this concerns you, Sola Seal have a range of films proven to reject a significant amount of EMR from traveling through windows into your home or office. Give yourself piece of mind and a safer living environment….!

Sunscreen Roller Blinds Adelaide


A neat solution to provide light and UV blockage during the day, and a clear view at night.

  • Protection from intruders – 24 hours 7 day per week protection from break-ins through glass. Windows are a common entry/exit point for intruders. Protect your valued possessions that cannot be replaced under insurance. Security film offers increased protection against smash and grab theft.
  • Safety from accidents – Make glass safe. Protect your family from injury caused by broken glass. It is unfortunately common that children play around fragile glass with risk of accidentally falling through the window.
  • Safety from impact – Protect your family from broken shards of glass in the even an object hitting the window. Broken glass is sharp, just imagine if a piece hit you at speed. Security film applied on the internal surface will act as a barrier to broken glass.
  • Solar protection as well as security – Sola Seal carry an extensive range of tinted security films for heat, glare, privacy and UV rejection as well as security.
  • Anti Vandal – Commonly used as a sacrificial layer to protect windows against scratch vandalism. Security film is a cost effective way of protecting the window. Having the security film installed is only a fraction of the cost of replacing the window.

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