Reflects the heat outside, to help keep your home and office cool.

Does your home get hot in summer? Windows are a major source of heat gain to any property, in some instances being responsible for more than half of the heat built up in houses.

With an ever increasing awareness of solar energy and its effects, solar films are an excellent choice and an affordable solution when trying to reduce residential or commercial energy bills. Fair Price offers a range of solar films, some even provide added privacy and one-way vision to your windows. We offer a vast range of products to suit your needs.

Our range of Solar tints include:

Sterling Films:

Sterling films are spec tally selective with a high level of visible light transmission. They provide extraordinary solar energy rejection performance along with higher visible light transmission. This allows for a luminous and more beautiful interior, whilst ensuring a comfortable and temperate environment.

Sterling window films offer users a range of heat reduction options whilst maintaining everywhere from maximum natural light to a high degree of protection from heat and glare. These films range from lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside to darker films that provide a greater degree of protection from heat and glare, all with a soft, neutral finish outside.

Stainless Steel Films:

The Stainless Steel range offer widely accepted solar solutions for homes and buildings. These films are gray-toned with a low to medium reflective quality that makes them a natural complement to most interior and exterior colour schemes. The stainless steel metal, laminating adhesives and scratch resistant coating used in this film series provide high performance, durability and longevity – making it the preferred choice of many.

Quantum Films:

Quantum films are fully metallised for maximum heat control and colour stability. Unlike conventional films which comprise of dyed layers, Quantum films are warranted to never change colour for the life of your home.

Quantum films offer high heat and glare rejection and offer low reflectivity so you won’t have to live with a mirror look day or night.


Solar Film reduce UV rays, lower heat transfer and reduce the risk of fading furniture. Other benefits include:

  • Reduce Glare – Does glare annoy you? Do your eyes strain to adjust to bright light entering the room? Glare is the intense light that affects our ability to see. Try focussing in on a computer screen that has daylight reflecting off it. Our films reduce glare by up to 90%!
  • Increase Privacy – Sola Seal have window films that allow you to see out and prevent others from seeing in. We also have films that block visibility whilst letting in light.
  • What better way to give your home the contemporary look.
  • Fair Price have a film display area with over 25 Film types. See first hand what the film will look like before it is installed.

I am very happy with the blinds, they do a perfect job and I reckon I have got more than I expected with the way the blinds look and complement my outdoor living area.

MAY 2015