Sun protection and privacy for the contemporary home

Fair Price offer Sola Seal Security film, suitable for the home or commercial environment. Security film is generally applied to the internal side of your glass and gives great strength in the event of an object hitting it. It is difficult to penetrate and frustrating for intruders trying to gain fast access to a home or property. It has been stringently tested with years of research and development.

Sola Seal offers a range of safety and security window films that can protect you, your family and your property from intruders and broken shards of glass. Security film is available in both clear and tinted, as well as being available in a range of thicknesses to suit the level of security that you need.

In the commercial environment, Security window tints are used in the following industries:

Banking and finance – Security.

Shops – Security and an added protection for large size windows against vandals.

Child care – protection for children from injury by making glass safe.

Jewellery – Security. Reduces risk of loss from attempted smash-and-grab theft.

Schools – Out of school hours protection from juveniles vandalising, and protection for children against broken glass.

Chemists – for security purposes, pharmaceuticals are a major target for theft

Public Transport – protection of public from projectile impacting glass. Also a sacrificial layer to protect glass against scratching and graffiti.

Government offices – protection against the threat of terrorism, EMI shielding and security.

As well as glass security, Sola Seal clear security film also rejects 99% of Ultra Violet, providing the added benefit of reducing fade! And it makes glass safe.

Sola Seal also offer a range of films that shield against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) for commercial or residential application, to prevent information theft.

All products have been Bomb Blast tested:

Applied Research Associates Inc, (ARA) an independent research and product testing firm, conducted high explosive tests to evaluate the capability of Armorcoat safety and security films to reduce the hazards of flying glass shards during an explosion. ARA detonated 227 Kilograms of explosives just 55 metres away from framed glass samples with and without Armorcoat film. The unprotected glass shattered and projected upon impact, while the Armorcoat-protected glass remained safely within the frame.

Sola Seal went to Woomera (outback South Australia) to witness a Bomb blast test. This allowed us first hand insight as to how effective this product really is. Different levels of Armorcoat film were tested. All incorporated the wet anchoring system.

Window Film – provides additional protection for your family

Protect your family from the inside out- Window Film offer a number of benefits including:

  • Protection from intruders- 24 hour 7 day per week protection from break-ins through glass. Windows are a common entry/exit point for intruders. Protect your valued possessions that cannot be replaced under insurance. Security film offers increased protection against smash and grab theft.
  • Safety from accidents- Make glass safe. Protect your family from injury caused by broken glass. It is unfortunately common that children play around fragile glass with risk of accidentally falling through the window.
  • Safety from impact- Protect your family from broken shards of glass in the even an object hitting the window. Broken glass is sharp, just imagine if a piece hit you at speed. Security film applied on the internal surface will act as a barrier to broken glass.
  • Solar protection as well as security- Sola Seal carry an extensive range of tinted security films for heat, glare, privacy and UV rejection as well as security.
  • Anti Vandal- Commonly used as a sacrificial layer to protect windows against scratch vandalism. Security film is a cost effective way of protecting the window. Having the security film installed is only a fraction of the cost of replacing the window.