Attractive and strong security for your home

Fair Price security doors provide strength and durability to give you the peace of mind of knowing your home and family are secure.

Crimsafe® security screen doors are available as hinged, sliding or stacking. If you prefer colonial designs and cast panels or doors with a natural wood look finish, Crimsafe® has the products to suit. Whichever style of Crimsafe® door you choose, it can be custom designed to complement your home, provide the protection Crimsafe® has become renowned for and give you the freedom of lifestyle you grew up with. All our doors feature the unique Crimsafe® ScrewClamp technology… tamper-resistant screws go through a metal clamp, then through the TensileTuff ® mesh and then they’re driven right into the frame, to hold the mesh in a vice-like” grip which gives the door enormous strength against attack.

What is Crimsafe®?

What is Crimsafe®? Crimsafe® is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system. It is used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas from intruders and insects alike.

From a distance, it looks like flyscreen. And it does the same job of keeping your house cool in Summer while keeping mosquitoes out. But Crimsafe® is unlike any other flyscreen you’ve ever seen, because it makes your home virtually impenetrable to thieves.

Crimsafe® Doors

Crimsafe® Doors – the ultimate intruder and insect protection for you and your home. Key benefits include:

  • 3- Point Locking: All our hinged doors come with 3-point locking as standard. Our sliding doors can utilise a single lock or be triple-locked. Triple the locks means added security
  • 3-Point Hinging: 3 hinges give the door greater strength and make it much harder to gain entry through the door
  • Attractive Midrail: Besides being an attractive feature of the door that can be positioned to match existing features of your home, our midrail boosts the door’s strength and anti-jemmy properties. It also acts as a visual warning so you don’t walk into the door
  • Screw – Clamped Security: Only Crimsafe® clamps 304 Tensile Tuff ® Security Mesh between 2 serrated pieces of metal, then drives a screw right through both mesh and frame to ensure a vice-like grip…and beat burglars
  • Guaranteed for 10 Years: Crimsafe® warrants the product from defects in materials under conditions of normal use for up to 10 years from the date of purchase. Please refer to our Care Guide for more information

I just love the Plantation Shutters and the Crimsafe doors that were installed just 2 years ago.