External Venetian Blinds put you in control

Fair Price External Aluminium Venetian blinds are practical, modern and one of the most stylish ways to add a new level of design to the outside of your home. Efficient motors and remote system keep you in control of sun protection, extreme weather conditions and noisy neighbours.

External Venetian Blinds are made of individual lamellas. They are a very important part of the external venetian blind system, and come in different shapes to fit your home’s style and design. There are five different lamellas to choose from and Fair Price can help you pick the best ones for your home. They can be raised, tilted and lowered giving you control over how much light you want to let in. Lamella’s for a thermal barrier which slows heat exchange. In 35 degree heat, the inside temperature can be lowered by 10 degrees.

The motorised system offers you the ability to individually or group-control over two or more blinds. Fair Price Exterior Aluminium Venetian blinds also have the popular weather sensor option. Intelligent and interactive to keep your blinds automated.

Available for both residential homes and commercial spaces, so wether it is for work or home, you can consider External Venetian Blinds from Fair Price.

Why we love External Venetian Blinds…

External Venetian Blinds represent modern, practical design. They offer a light and simple structure, weatherproof and mounted in two easy ways to the outside of your windows.

Other benefits include:

  • Light yet strong aluminium structure
  • Temperature control
  • Can be Motorised and include weather sensors for ease of operation
  • Available in a range of colours and styles